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I just got back from picking up my groceries at Walmart! This is not a store I frequent for various reasons, but its online grocery service is practically unbeatable right now. This service is something I’ve used sporadically in the past, but will use more often now that I have a dog who can’t stand to be left alone for more than 5 minutes. That subject is for another post.😁

So! This is how you do it (cue the Montell Jordan song). First check to see if this service is offered in your area. Sign onto grocery.walmart.com, and begin shopping. A lot of you might be thinking, “This sounds great and convenient, Mindy, but won’t I be tempted to buy more than I need?” Um, nope! Not for me, anyway. If you go in with a certain budget in mind, it’s tallied as you shop so you always know where you stand. I find if I’ve gone over, I can put something back or pick out something different, without having to walk across the store. Nutrition information or even product reviews can be checked while you’re at it! These factors, for me,  make for a more informed, pleasant, and economically sound shopping experience than traditional shopping.

Ok, after you’ve filled your cart, just pick out a time slot and enter your card info and any promo/coupon codes. Most of the time you can get your goods that same day. I’ve done it the morning before work and stopped by to pick it up after. It’s fantastic because they have designated parking spots for the service at the front. You just pull in, call them to let them know you’re there and they bring everything out AND load it for you. You don’t even have to get out of the car! What a wonderful thing after a long day of work, and you’ve also now got dinner.😉 Hopefully you’ve plannd ahead and gotten something easy. The minimum purchase for this service is $30. Yeah, pretty easy to spend $30 on groceries. Here’s what I bought, minus the bag of tortillas and onions I found when putting everything else away.

Today, 15 minutes before my pickup time slot, Walmart called to remind me. When I got there, I called them and a nice woman was out with my groceries in 60 seconds and she brought me a bottle of cold water! I was very pleased with her customer service. She asked me if anyone had explained their “subsitution” policy. I said “no” and she proceeded to tell me that if they are out of something, they will subsitute it with another product, comparable or better. You are informed of any substitutions once you get there and can choose to accept them or not. Your card is not charged until you sign. So, if you want a 25lb bag of dog food, and they are out, they’ll give you the 50lb bag for the same price. Or if you want a 50lb bag and they are out, they’ll give you two 25lb bags for the same price. It will never cost you more. She also told me of a promotion that’s currently going on. To get your $10 off, click on the link. $10 off for you and $10 off for me.

Walmart is getting better about carrying organic and healthier brands. With that being said, I stay away from their Marketside brands – organic or not. After doing my 8.5 day juice cleanse (again, another post) my system is super sensitive to synthetic chemicals, among other things. Being a big lettuce/salad person, I have tried it all. Mostly I love the already washed organic stuff in the big 16oz container. After trying Walmart’s Marketside organic brand I had a bad reaction.

So,  after my pickup, I stopped at Sprouts Farmer’s Market to get my favorite lettuce. Sprouts is one of two places around here that carries it. The other is Winco. This lettuce rates a 4 out of 4 in my Must 4 Mindy rating system:

  1. Healthy
  2. Economical
  3. Convenient
  4. Delicious

My weekly goal is to eat a pound of lettuce before it goes bad. Well, it’s a little easier when I buy this brand because it stays fresh longer. I do help it out by putting a half sheet of paper towel in the top of the container and storing it upside down in the fridge. This way the paper towel absorbs most of the moisture that makes the lettuce go bad. When I go to use it, I rotate the leaves in the container a little and put in a new towel. So yeah, love Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix. Plus it has arugula!


Another thing I grabbed while I was at Sprouts, was my favorite whole wheat pasta. Delverde. Gluten intolerant since the detox, this stuff I can get away with. It rates a 3 out of 4 on the Must 4 Mindy scale. At $3-$4 a bag, I wouldn’t call it economical. But it IS the best whole wheat pasta I’ve had and I don’t eat that much of it. So, it’s worth it.



Now for a little tip!

When I buy a bunch of cilantro like this, I put it in a glass of water, cover the top with one of those extra produce bags, and stick it in the fridge. Periodically change the water, and it lasts quite a bit longer this way!

That is all for today about my online grocery shopping experience at Walmart. Stay tuned for my next post: Cookin’ on a Foreman, where you will learn about some of the crazy delicious things (besides meat) that can be cooked on a waffle iron or George Foreman Grill. Feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions for future posts and/or subscribe if you enjoyed this post and want new post notifications.  Have a lovely day!

**Grocery Update: I had problems with a couple pieces of produce (over ripe), so I drove back to the store, parked in the pick-up area, and called the number on the sign. It took a few minutes, but eventually an assistant manager came out and ended up refunding me cash for the items. She was very apologetic and said the situation would be looked into. I believed her simply because of how concerned she AND the last person were with customer service. Loving these surprises from Walmart!