I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumors that you can cook more than meat on a George Foreman Grill. You may have even come across a website with recipes. Well, I’m here to put my two cents’ in on the subject and think outside the box a little.

As usual, I approach this with the ideas of health, ease and economics in mind. First, breakfast: You know those scones you have in the freezer? Ok, if you don’t have scones in your freezer, I highly recommend you buy/make some just so you can try this. And also, to eat scones… Delicious! Anyway, take one of those scones out of the freezer and tear off a piece of parchment paper twice the size of your grill. Put the paper on the grill and set your scone on top. This requires no defrosting! Cover the top of the scone with the other 1/2 of the paper, and close the lid. Plug in your foreman. At this point, I get my coffee ready (second cup by now) and basically set it and forget it. After 10-15 minutes, check on the scone and voila! You have a flat scone. Ok, so to me this is awesome. My favorite part of the scone is the outer, chewy part. Now the whole thing is this way!  If you want you can add a little butter or marmalade at this time. Yum!

Cinnamon Scone
Cinnamon Scone

Lunch time! So another great thing to throw on the Foreman is a tamale. I like to buy a bunch of tamales at once and yes, put them in the freezer. Normally to reheat these, they’d need to be defrosted and steamed. It’s much easier to put them on the Foreman. Just like with most frozen items, put it on (in the husk) before you plug in the grill. This way, as it heats, it does a little defrosting. Plug it in and go do your thang.  When you start to smell the yumminess, flip ‘er over! She’s almost done now. You’ll know when it’s time. Usually there will be oozing involved. If you’re lucky, it’s gonna be cheese that’ll get nice and crispy. Nothing like bonus crispy cheese! Sorry no pic. Ate that tamale before I could snap a shot.😉

For dinner, I’ve been known to throw on a  “kielbasa” (meat-free) link and some cabbage. “Cabbage?”, you say. Oh, yes. Just chop some up and put it in a bowl and toss with a little oil and your favorite seasonings.

Speaking of favorite seasonings, I frequently use Fagundes. It’s from a butcher in central California and it’s more than fabulous. Mom used to buy several shakers and give them to me as gifts when we got to visit.

After you’ve seasoned your cabbage, put it on the heated grill and close the lid! You’ll need to check on it occasionally and give it a little stir. This in itself makes a pretty tasty meal. But, if you’d like something extra to stick to your bones, add some potatoes. A large grill comes in handy here. I like frozen fries on the GF. Stir these around too while you’re in there with the cabbage. I have yet to try cooking raw, unfrozen ones on there, but I’ll let you know when I do! And please, if you try it, leave a comment and tell us how it turned out. Here are my yummy crispy fries – with Fagundes of course. I put that ish on everything!


So there you have it – breakfast, lunch, AND dinner on your George Foreman Grill. It’s so great because you used no dishes and it’s fast, it’s easy, it’s delicious! If you followed the link to the GF above you saw that model includes a bun warmer. This is nice because it toasts the bread on one side. Bonus: add a few drops of water to a tortilla and put THAT in the warmer. It steams nicely while your protein is cooking on the grill. Please click the subscribe button to be notified of new blog posts. Also feel free to like or leave comments!