Oil & Vinegar

There are few things as”opposite” as oil and water, or in this case, oil and vinegar. When first introduced to each other, their instincts are to divide. But with a little coaxing (or a vigorous wisk), they come together to form a lovely base for marinades and vinaigrettes.

Making a vinaigrette at home is easier than one might think and sooooo worth it! Fresh salad dressing is definitely a four on the Must 4 Mindy scale.

Delicious. I like to use an extra virgin olive oil that is unfiltered and a little green tasting. My favorite is by Olivier & Co., but I am fresh out and there are no stores in AZ. The EVOO by California Olive Ranch is good for its pricepoint and will do in a pinch. I got mine at Walmart during an online grocery shopping trip. When making an asian vinaigrette, sesame oil can be used along with a flavorless oil like vegetable or grape seed.

Pretty much any kind of vinegar will do. Since I eat a lot of Mediterranean food, and salad, I buy the larger jar of red wine vinegar and a smaller one of white wine vinegar. Right now I’m hooked on Eden Selected. It’s unfiltered and yummy!

The seasonings will vary depending on what you like. A typical combo for me is basil, thyme, garlic, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper and fresh oregano. The Dijon is fantastic in a vinaigrette! It adds an extra layer of flavor and viscosity, making it more like a dressing. If the vinaigrette will be used within the next couple of days, I’ll crush a couple cloves of garlic and throw ’em in there. (Any longer in the fridge and bacteria starts growing.) Otherwise, granulated garlic goes in.

Basic Vinaigrette Ingredients

Healthy. With organic olive oil, unfiltered vinegar and fresh garlic, you’re doing pretty well on the ole Health Meter. And it is preservative, soy, salt and sugar free. Any of those things you “should” be doing in your diet, you can include here and feel even better about that salad you’re eating. I love this vinaigrette so much, I find things to dip into it. Like, anything.

Economical. Buy the larger bottles and save some moolah. Everything else (except maybe the Dijon)  is already in your kitchen cabinet!

Convenient. I just add all the ingredients to a mason jar and shake, shake it up!  It can be a great arm work out or stress reliever…😃

Enjoy your homemade vinaigrette and hey, you can use it as a marinade too! No need to buy the stuff from the store anymore. Yeah, I rhyme all the time. Have a great day, thanks for reading and just hit subscribe for a notice of the next post!

This blog post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge on opposites.