Ok, time for a “clean” post. Recently, I have discovered castile soap. It’s one of those things I’ve known about for years, and wanted to try, but it was pretty low on the list. Why, I don’t know, considering how much I love clean and natural.

So, having recently read that you can use it on your dogs, I was sold. Yep, that’s pretty much all it takes. Now I have a reason to buy it (other than the 20+ other ideas I read on a Pinterest post). There are two brands out there that seem to be popular – Dr. Brommer’s and Ology. I went with the Ology because it was less expensive and I was already in Walgreen’s feeling impulsive. Ology Castile soap comes in two scents – peppermint and lavender. I was thrilled to see the lavender, because it’s a calming scent and perfect for puggy bath time! A safe, gentle soap for my dog friend plus a natural, happy scent – the cherry on top.

Beautiful Brie After a Bath with Castile Soap

My conclusion? Love it! It rinses cleanly off my Brie – along with a lot of dirt, usually. And leaves her fur soft with a hint of… lavender! I now use it to wash my hands before cleaning my contacts because it gets rid of any lotion or oils. I also use it along with a microfiber cloth to clean my glasses, because it is a gentle enough soap not to strip the coating off the lense. Apparently it can be used to wash dishes, clean carpets, or just about anywhere you’d use liquid soap. I even used it the other day to get a tick off Brie. Castile soap will be in my home from now on. Perhaps, next I will purchase the peppermint to use for cleaning around the house.

Have you tried castile soap? Do you have any favorite uses for it? What is your favorite brand? Leave your answers in the comments and subscribe for future post updates. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous day!