Hmmm, no matter what we do, moving will never be easy. But, we CAN make it less complicated! The organization you choose to do before and during a move will help you throughout the entire process – all the way to unpacking and setting up your new place.

Let’s Talk Supplies

If you’ve ever moved before, you know what it’s like to be in one room getting ready to tape close that box you finally filled, and ya don’t have the tape! It’s across the house or in the basement or in the kids’ room or… Wait, where IS the tape? Keep a container with packing tape, room tape, scissors, a permanent marker, and a razor blade if that helps you.


You can see in my container, I like a super large permanent marker (for crossing off old markings on used boxes) and a regular sized one for writing. To open accidentally closed boxes and for use in the new spot when unpacking, I LOVE the Open-It! by Zibra. It can open almost anything –  like those tough plastic packages that scissors come in. Plus, in the handle is a razor blade and screwdriver. Score! I also have my tape gun with quality packing tape (I like Duck) , a role of “Fragile” tape for boxes with breakables, some zip ties for cords, a few rubber bands, and room tape.

Packing Strategy


Before we even get to the packing part, it would help immensely to get rid of some stuff! I am a firm believer in the Konmari Method for pairing down your goods. It helps deal with the guilt and sentimentality that often accompany letting go of things that no longer serve you. What you have left, is less stuff to move! And when whole-heartedly applied, the Konmari method can positively influence other areas of your life as well – but that’s for another post.😀 After Konmari-ing a file cabinet of personal papers, I had a lot to shred! Why not put that paper to good use as filler for boxes of breakables?


When you’re ready to actually put your belongings in boxes, pack well. If you want to cut down on costs, you can skip the packing paper and just use newspaper and/or extra linens to wrap breakables. Put your drinking glasses in clean socks! There, now your socks, your glasses, and extra linens are packed.


Now it’s time for the room tape. Each room should have a different color tape. I buy colored duct tape at the dollar store. Put a strip of tape on two opposite corners of the box, so every side ends up having the room color. Now get a sheet of paper, put some strips of tape on it and make a color guide for your movers. Voila! All your boxes are easily grouped together and therefore easy to find at your new place. Happy Moving!